CHUTES is Going Green

What Does Going Green Mean?Chutes_Logo_greenfade-300x177

“Going green”…what a buzz phrase in our society today! You just cant escape itits on the news, in the papers, on the internet.

Its about eating organic, recycling, leaving a carbon footprint, choosing natural fibers, carpooling, product packaging, flying, air conditioning and even what we use to clean our bathroom with!  Sometimes its overwhelming enough to make you want to turn green!

As overwhelming as it seems, it is time we face that everything we do today has an impact on our earth tomorrowgood or bad.  And the time has come for eco-wise companies to recognize the importance of doing their part in helping to preserve our planet.

CHUTES is striving to do its part as well, and here’s how:


        • Zero Landfill with our external steel chutes ~ these chutes are made to last many, many years for use and re-use.  Certainly not a use & toss product!  Additionally, these sections are recycled into other parts & pieces once their trash section life runs upwhen we can no longer use, reuse or recycle the materials in-house, the scraps are taken to scrap recyclers to ensure were doing our part in maintaining zero landfill.
        • The same holds true for our plastic debris chutes ~ these are blow-molded to last!  We have systems that are 8+ years old and still functioningagain, NOT a use & toss product.  Like the steel sections, many of the plastic sections can be cut down and reused as other parts and products.
        • Our internal chutes are designed and manufactured to ensure the least possible waste of materials.  Okay, so this is good business sense, as well as, a push for zero landfill!  All scraps are used for parts and assembly items or forward to scrap recyclers.
        • Our compactors are available in green options compactors that run on fully biodegradable fluids replacing the need for hydraulic oils.
        • Our odor control systems and chute washings solutions are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


In addition to going green with our product lines, we recognized that there are many things that we can do in-house to help our environment!

        • We replaced the mercury lighting in our warehouse with eco-friendly lights,
        • We installed timers on lights to ensure energy isnt wasted needlessly,
        • We work with 50% fewer lights (while still maintaining office safety) within the offices,
        • Were purchasing recycled and green office products whenever and wherever possible,
        • We ensure our fleet vehicles are well maintained and on-track for all maintenance and inspections to ensure minimum exhaust and maximum fuel efficiency,
        • Utilizing double-sided copying whenever possible,
        • Going with electronic communications, whenever possible, to save paper,
        • Offer paperless invoicing to customers,
        • Accepting paperless billings from vendors,
        • Creating electronic marketing materials to replace paper,
        • Consolidated work schedules to reduce run-time on the manufacturing machines,
        • And, were still working on getting even better.

Got any questions about our Going Green program? Please dont hesitate to email us!