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Guaranteed Ship Date

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Please check shipping costs before ordering, sometimes the auto configuring of the shipping costs is distorted by our unique size and weight of our products. This causes the shipping cost to be inaccurate. Please contact the office if you have any questions

Guaranteed Ship Date

When you call CHUTES International, we’ll give you a specific ship window, so that you will know when your chute will arrive.

SHIP Guarantee: We will ship on time. We will ship by the date we promise – guaranteed.

We Provide Expert Installation Supervisors, Too

And, if you’d like help with staging and installing your chute, we’ll send one of our expert-trained technicians, who is not only 100% guaranteed to do the job right the first time, he’s also 100% guaranteed to show you proper operation and usage rules so that your chute will last a long, long time.


Bottom Line: You can rely on CHUTES International.