Made In America – Why It Matters

We Didn’t Need To PROVE That Manufacturing A Chute In America Was Better Than Attempting To Manufacture Them Abroad… Others Proved It For Us

Other manufacturers decided it would be a good idea to try and build their chutes and debris removal systems in foreign countries to try and take advantage of cheap labor. They did not foresee the problems they would encounter when they made that fateful decision. However, years later the results are unmistakable:

  • The “savings” are devoured with higher, international shipping costs
  • They have difficulty achieving and maintaining acceptable quality
  • There are delays upon delays… the further away the manufacturer, the more logistical problems they face

They hoped to manufacture debris removal systems on the cheap. What they actually got were management nightmares, unexpected additional costs, and defective materials.

Take a survey of general contractors who’ve tried to use chutes that were made by one of these “outsourced” competitors of ours and they’ll confirm what we’ve always known: the best chutes are built right here in America.

We Avoid The Hassles And Wasted Costs That Come With Foreign Manufacturing

At CHUTES International we eliminate the surplus expenses, the uncertainty that accompanies foreign manufacturing, the questions that come with employing distant (and cheap) workforces, problems with quality assurance, the miscommunications, and the unnecessary additional shipping charges that come with making a product overseas. The result: you get more value for your dollar.

Our Way Of Doing Business Features Emphasis On Old Fashioned Service, Powered By Modern Innovation

We don’t have all the overhead and inefficiencies that increase the price of other debris removal systems. We manufacture a chute that has better design, innovative features, and higher quality materials – in a word, our product is better – yet, our prices are about the same as the other chutes on the market. You get more value for your investment.

CHUTES International Systems Are All Proudly Designed And Manufactured In The USA

We Eliminate The Excessive Mark-Ups And Inflated Logistics Costs So You Can Have The World’s Premier Debris Removal Chutes For About The Same Price As Those Typical, Outdated Systems

Our focus on quality makes our chutes more expensive to manufacture. We knew that we had to keep our costs low in order to be competitive.

Because of the quality of our chutes, people are surprised to find that our prices are on par with our competitors. There is no doubt it is more expensive to use the higher quality materials. However, we estimate that the perceived advantages of using cheaper materials and outsourcing to foreign manufacturing or working overseas is actually swallowed up by the additional 20% – 40% cost of shipping, returns, warrantee claims, and compromised brand loyalty. So, we decided to stick with quality, and challenged our team to make it affordable.

Earning Your Trust And Maintaining Your Confidence Is Our Highest Priority

Our innovative use of design and technology makes our chutes the premier debris removal systems in the world, but we still conduct business the old fashioned way. Technology is a tool we use eagerly – to improve quality, speed processes, aid in communications and provided added services for our customers – but it remains a tool, as our preferred method of doing business is personal. We won’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact you personally. Our preferred way to do business remains face-to-face, so we can look you in the eye and shake your hand.

We’re At The Forefront Of The Debris Removal Industry – And We’re Just Getting Started!

Our first product was our heavy-duty steel chutes, then we added durable plastic chutes to the mix a few years later, and then moved into internal chutes, compactors, service, odor control, and more. Who KNOWS what will be next? We remain flexible and eager to meet our customer’s demands and needs! Our “one stop shop” for chutes makes contracting, purchasing and relationship building easier for you.

Our Affiliations

CHUTES International™ is proud to partner and actively participate with the very best professionals, experts, associations, and leading organizations in the industry. Our affiliations include the following: