DURACHUTE™ Molded Plastic Chutes

DURACHUTE™ Molded Plastic Chutes

Canadian-Embassy-Houcksimage_shadowCHUTES International’s DURAFLAT™ system was designed to meet lightweight, economical construction debris removal needs. The DURACHUTE™ system is the choice system for roofers, scaffolding, general contractors, and construction rental companies. The blow-molding process makes a more resilient chute than any other on the market. The upper and lower rings add extra stability, so that the system maintains its shape regardless of length of system and the larger 32″ diameter makes for efficient and effective debris removal. In addition to straight sections and intakes, DURACHUTE™ has a complete line of accessories to provide for a safe and easy installation!

      • Each section is approximately 4′ tall with 3′ 1″ of useable chute length
      • Sections weigh 37 lbs (chains included)
      • Heat-Treated, Proof Tested Galvanized Chains
      • Top opening of 32″ tapers to 27″

CHUTES carries a full line of accessories including:

      • Hangers for every application
      • Dust Reducing Gaiters
      • Protective Liners
      • Guide Ropes
      • Safety Frames
      • Picking Bars
      • Winches

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