Chute Washing

Chute Washing Service

If Your Chute Could Use A Thorough Cleaning, Call CHUTES International

We Wash and Maintain Chutes So That They Continue To Function At A High Level. It’s a proven fact that clean, deodorized chutes will help:

      • “Keep tenants happy and apartments full”
      • Remove grease build-up and potential fire hazards
      • Lengthen chute and chute door life
      • Reduce trash room odors
      • Reduce likelihood of attracting pests and rodents
      • Reduce chances of black mold
      • Reduce vermin and pest problems

CHUTES’ technicians are GOING GREEN by using a fully biodegradable cleaning solution that is both effective in cleaning AND safe for the environment. Call us for a free estimate at 1-800-882-4883.