Compactor & Chute Maintenance

CHUTES Preventive Maintenance Plans

Many Chute Repairs or Breakdowns Could Be Avoided With An Appropriate Maintenance Plan

Our chutes are extraordinarily durable, but everything that endures the kind of abuse and stress that these chutes go through make regular upkeep a good investment.

We offer maintenance that includes thorough cleaning of debris or garbage, recycling, or linen chutes, and any other kind of debris removal system.

We can extend a compactor’s life by providing ongoing maintenance. A compactor that receives regular maintenance can outperform and outlast one that does not. Do not take the chance of crossing your fingers and hoping that your compactor will just continue to run forever. You will have better performance and reduced costs with an ongoing compactor maintenance plan.

We currently service many internal trash and linen chutes in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, and surrounding areas. Call us and let us set up a plan to ensure that your garbage chute, compactor, bagger, or recycling chute continue to operate in peak condition.

CHUTES Preventive Maintenance Plans Are One of the Best Ways To Ensure That Your Compactors and Chutes Stay In Good Repair and Keep Working Efficiently

CHUTES offers various levels of compactor maintenance plans. A minor investment on prevention can help you maintain optimal performance, day after day.

The benefits of our maintenance plan include optimized performance (your chute will continue to perform at peak condition) and odor control. Our technicians will check trash compactor equipment such as hoses, PLC panels, hook-ups, hoses, cycle times, photo eyes, etc. and top off any necessary fluids.

Keep in compliance, minimize down time and lengthen the life of your equipment with a CHUTES Preventive Maintenance Agreement.

Many hospitals, hotels, and apartment complexes call us for help with odor control, compactor repair, and compactor preventative maintenance. Whether you’re in Maryland and you need chute or compactor maintenance, in Washington, Virginia, or elsewhere, we can work out a plan to maintain and extend the life of your chute or compactor.

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