24/7 Emergency Repair Services

CHUTES Emergency Service

When You Need A Reliable, and Knowledgeable Technician To Solve Your Chute or Compactor Problem FAST, Call CHUTES International

The CHUTES’ Service team is available for you 24/7 for any emergency service work…just call our after hours number at 301-456-5069 and someone will respond ASAP!

We have teams available in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, or in the surrounding area – and we can fix, repair, and maintain recycling chutes, linen chutes, debris, garbage, or trash chutes, and we do it efficiently and effectively.

Our technicians will get you up and running in no time – minimizing your downtime, limiting trash build-up, and keeping your tenants happy.

We provide emergency services for the following equipment:

      • Heavy Duty Debris Chutestimthumb (2)
      • Compactors
      • Self-Contained
      • Balers
      • Dock levelers
      • Chutes
      • Shredders
      • Scissor Lifts
      • Conveyors

CHUTES International offers a unique chute washing service. We also provide preventative maintenance for trash compactors, trash and garbage chutes, internal linen chutes, recycling chutes, and more.