Trash Compactor Parts

Trash Compactor Parts

CHUTES offers trash compactor parts in addition to comprehensive compactor maintenance plans. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

At Chutes, our expert technicians will check your compactor for performance from top to bottom and replace compactor parts as necessary -hoses, PLC panels, hook-ups, cycle times, photo eyes, etc… Also included in the top off of any fluids where necessary.

Always remember that maintaining your equipment and trash compactor parts today will ensure that you can minimize down time and lengthen the overall life of your equipment. One of our CHUTES Preventive Maintenance Agreements is the perfect solution for most of our customers.

timthumb1-128x74To complement our line of compactor parts and our comprehensive compactor maintenance agreements, CHUTES offers the most dependable, durable, state of the art trash compactors on the market today.  Whether your need is for a vertical or horizontal configuration, or perhaps an indoor or weatherproof solution, we have the right compactor to meet your specifications.  Don’t have your specs? No problem! We can also help you develop those specifications through our expertise in the industry. Each on of our compactors is UL approved and complies with all applicable ANSI standards. Containers to use with these compactors are also available and can be custom ordered to your specifications.

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