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External Debris Chute Systems

You Are Getting More Than A Heavy Duty Steel Chute – You’re Getting An Engineering Triumph

Steel Chute at BG&E Building (Potomac Abatement)image_shadow CHUTES International offers three industry-leading external debris chute systems:

• our 3’x3′ Patented, Heavy-Duty Steel Debris Chute;

• our 32″ Inside Diameter, HDPE Plastic Debris Chute, DURACHUTE™;

• and our Plastic Flat Chute System, DURAFLAT™.


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Heavy Duty Steel Chute

High-rise, new construction and/or heavy-duty debris require the use of our virtually indestructible steel chute. CHUTES will design, install, rent and dismantle the system to meet your every need.

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DURACHUTE™ Plastic Debris Chute

Light-duty construction, roofing and/or light renovation work are what our DURACHUTE™ System was designed to handle. Read more »

DURAFLAT™ Plastic Flat Chute

The DURAFLAT™ Chute is a flat chute system designed to store and transport flat. Its primary use is light roofing and renovation work.

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