Our Trash Chutes Raise The Bar

As with our linen chutes, our trash chutes are better looking, longer lasting, easier to clean, and require less maintenance. Our trash chutes are also outfitted with the only intake door on the market with both front and back stainless panels and skirts.

Typical Trash Chute Assembly Components:

Trash Chute Door

Standard hand operated intake, noiseless, self-closing,  bottom hinged, 1 1⁄2 hour, 250°, U.L. “B” labeled doors meet the standard of the New York City Material and Equipment acceptance Division. Available options include interlocking doors and hands-free operation.

Trash Chute Section

Standard chute section for centralized handling of rubbish and debris. All materials are prefabricated to shop drawing specifications. Height expansion joints are provided. Chutes are made of impact and corrosion resistant plastic.

Accordion Discharge

Standard discharge on trash chutes.  The damper is spring loaded and held open by a 165° fusible link assembly.  In the event of fire, the link releases the accordion style slats, preventing the spread of fire into the chute.

Smart System

The Smart System is a hands-free door system for our trash chutes that allows centralized, touch screen or remote monitoring of all the chute doors in your system for building personnel. Fully ADA-Compliant and includes service and lockout modes.

Lineup of Odor Butler products, with a vapor station, remote station and bottle of solution

Odor Control

Odor Butler is our patented line of odor control products designed to prevent pests and mitigate unpleasant smells in your building’s trash room. Available in a variety of applications suited for both prevention and immediate treatment, the Odor Butler line ensures a simple and continuously effective solution at any scale.

Floor Retainer Flange

A Floor Retainer Flange is installed at the first floor of every chute. This is a twenty-two inch (22″) gauge galvanized sheet with a 24″ or 30″ flange under deck at penetration for retaining of fire stop material to help prevent spread at the base of the chute.

Trash Chute Features

Sound Insulation – To reduce noise, the product is factory sprayed on sound coating and isolator pads.

Electric Interlock Locking mechanism that locks out other chute doors, when one intake is in use.

Access Doors – A stainless steel door (15″x15″) is standard with ‘UL’ Label.

Pass-Thru Door – Located in the discharge room wall. Side hinged, 18″W x 18″H with thru-wall liner.





Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my chute system cleaned?

We recommend chute cleaning be done twice annually. Check out our page on chute maintenance and cleaning for more information.

How much does it cost to clean trash chutes?

The exact price of your service will depend on the nature of your system and the work and/or parts required in the job. Contact us and we can provide a more detailed estimate.