Chute Maintenance and Repair

Many chute repairs or breakdowns could be avoided with an appropriate maintenance plan. Our chutes are extraordinarily durable, but everything that endures the kind of abuse and stress that these chutes go through make regular upkeep a good investment. We currently service many internal trash and linen chutes in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and let us set up a plan to ensure that your garbage chute, compactor, bagger, or recycling chute continue to operate in peak condition.

Keep in compliance, minimize down time and lengthen the life of your equipment with a CHUTES Preventive Maintenance Agreement. Our team is fully trained and has extensive experience working with numerous area hospitals, hotels, and apartment complexes who have called us for help with chute odor control, repair and preventative maintenance. If you’re in the DMV area, contact us today and we’ll work out a plan to maintain and extend the life of your chute system!

Chute Cleaning and Odor Control Services

Trash room odors are a nuisance for property managers, employees and tenants alike. Not only can unpleasant smells easily make their way around the building, they can also attract pests. Keeping your trash room clean and deodorized is a simple preventative step that can help you avoid future headaches, and CHUTES International can help. Our odor control services are available to businesses in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. area to any business who has a debris, garbage or refuse area in need of cleaning. All cleaning solutions used by our expert team are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Contact us today! It’s a proven fact that clean, deodorized chutes will help:

  • Remove grease build-up and potential fire hazards

  • Lengthen chute and chute door life

  • Reduce trash room odors

  • Reduce likelihood of attracting pests and rodents

  • Reduce chances of black mold

  • Reduces likelihood of gnats and flies

Our Chute Cleaning Process

At each trash chute within your building, one of our trained technicians will start by spraying the inside of the chute with a degreaser to break up any residue, followed by a top-to-bottom power wash to remove trash build up and reduce odors within the chutes. Once the chute cleaning process is complete, each intake door will be wiped down with a stainless steel cleaner and microfiber cloth.

This process will also include a cleaning of the compactors at the base of your system. First, all electronic components will be covered to ensure overspray of water or cleaner does not damage them. Once this is taken care of, the technician will apply a degreaser to the inside of the compactor and follow it up with a thorough power wash, similar to the way that your chutes are cleaned.

Preparing for Chute Cleaning

It is recommended that your chute system and attached compactors be cleaned twice a year – roughly every six months. When it comes time to perform the service, each chute and compactor should be free of all trash and access to the chutes should be suspended for building occupants for the duration of the process. Our technicians will also require an active water supply to complete the cleaning, and the trash room should contain a functioning drainage system to handle water overflow without flooding.