Odor Control

CHUTES Odor Control Service

CHUTES Odor Control Service Can Make Property Management A Lot Easier


Our odor control systems help minimize the smell that can attract pests and scare away tenants. Our odor control system works 24/7 in your trash room by keeping it clean and deodorized.

CHUTES’ Odor Control systems require minimal hands-on attention. The trash room system automatically sprays down on a present timer to ensure odors are controlled around the clock. Our technicians will service the unit on a regular basis to ensure it’s operating at 100% efficiency, refill solutions and ensure you and your tenants remain happy with the service.

If you are in Virginia, Maryland, Washington or surrounding area and you have a debris, garbage or refuse area that needs an odor control expert, call us now.

Leasing is available on these systems. As with chute washings, all solutions used are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.