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Internal Chute Systems

CHUTES International’s internal trash and linen chutes are the only chutes that come standard with 100% stainless steel doors – front & back panels, sides and skirt. What makes CHUTES internal chutes different?  Most internal chutes are very similar in nature.  Certainly the intent of use is the same and much of the chute is similar in nature:  materials use, general size and shape, material thickness, etc.

stickynote_internal chutesCHUTES’ stands out, however, in the quality of the material used.  For one, CHUTES is the only manufacturer to provide a 100% stainless steel door as a standard.  This makes for longer lasting, better looking and easier to maintain and clean doors.  CHUTES also continues the same high quality material in the vented portion of the chute, rather than using a thinner, lesser quality material in the vent construction.  As a standard, CHUTES provides a safe, accordion discharge which has been repeatedly proven as the best choice for the discharge, safer and more reliable in cases of fire.


Additionally, CHUTES has also engineered out some of the basic problems and issues of the standard chute.  For instance, by covering the hinge, debris cannot wedge into the opening, eliminating that common cause of damage.  And, CHUTES’ total quality control procedure continues to bring about improvements both small and large in manufacturing, product design and ease of installation.

CHUTES electric interlocks are pre-wired, eliminating the need for the additional cost of hiring an electrician to complete the wiring.  Sections are shipped, pre-numbered and matching the approved as-built shop drawing for ease of installation.  Our doors are individually and specially packaged to avoid damage during shipment.

Above all else, CHUTES stands behind its product and service 100%.  Estimators, with over 40+ years combined experience, installers with over 20+ years combined experience, in-house design experts, a complete service department for repairs and replacement parts, and a continue improvement program to ensure you and your customers will receive the very best – at competitive and affordable pricing!

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